PS5 1200 Series Teardown Shows Significant Differences, Console Draws Less Power Now

Sony has just released a new model of the PS5 making it the second revision since the launch of the PS5. The teardown was performed by YouTuber Austin Evans.

In the video, the YouTuber compares the difference between the new PS5 to the older models. Sony had already reduced the weight of the PS5 with the 1100 revision and they have done it again with another weight reduction in the 1200 series.

It might take some time to learn what the changes in the motherboard and heatsink mean in the long run for this new PS5, but performance-wise, it appears to run pretty much the same as the launch PS5. The sound level is around the same decibels in the range of 40-50 while the console’s heat output is now more evenly spread out but the temperate reading still averages out in the 50 to 60 Centigrade range.

The major difference comes in the watt usage for the console which is around 200 watts for the new PS5, 230 for the launch PS5, and 210 for the 1100 model.

There are other changes to the hardware design like the CMOS battery has now moved near the heatsink in addition to a significant chunk of the motherboard being reduced in size. This should theoretically make it possible to have a PS5 Slim, but Sony has opted not to go in this direction.

The new PS5 is available for sale in Australia and it is also planned to launch in Japan beginning September 15. There is no official word on the launch of this console in other regions.

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  1. The wattage of power consumption is different. In the video, the initial model is 218w and the 1100 model is 229w. The truth is lower in the early type. Please correct me.

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