PS5 Beta Introduces New Accessibility, Audio Options, Social Features, and UI Enhancements

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a new PlayStation 5 (PS5) system software beta rollout. The beta introduces new accessibility features, audio options, social features, and user interface (UI) enhancements. It also supports larger-capacity M.2 SSDs, up to 8TB. The beta access will be limited to invited participants in select countries, with plans to release the update globally later this year.

Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Experience, SIE, shared the highlights of the beta release:

New Accessibility Features: The beta introduces a feature that allows a second controller to be assigned to one account as an assist controller, enabling two controllers to operate the PS5 console as if using a single controller. This feature is designed to enable collaborative gameplay or assist a friend or child in navigating a challenging section of a game. The beta also introduces system UI haptic feedback, which provides physical feedback through haptics when navigating the PS5.

Audio Options: The beta introduces support for 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech on compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices such as soundbars, TVs, or home theater systems.

Social Feature Enhancements: The beta introduces updates to the party UI, allowing players to invite a player into a closed party without automatically adding the player into the group or creating a new group. It also introduces a Share Screen Preview feature, making joining friends’ game sessions easier.

UI Enhancements: The beta introduces a search feature for games within the game library and improvements to Game Help cards. It also introduces a new Discover Tips section to help users get the most out of their PS5 and learn about new features.

Support for Larger-Capacity M.2 SSDs: The beta introduces support for M.2 SSDs with a maximum capacity of 8TB, up from the previous 4TB limit.

Sony Interactive Entertainment encourages beta participants to share their feedback as they continue to enhance the PS5 user experience.