Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | Zelda Kidnapped Side Quest!

In your thrilling adventures in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you may stumble upon a captivating side quest titled “Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!”

This intriguing quest, obtained from Penn at the Dueling Peaks Stable, will take you on a mission to locate and rescue Princess Zelda, who is believed to be held captive at the “carved-out heart of the towering twins.” Prepare yourself for an exciting journey filled with challenges, surprises, and the opportunity to thwart the Yiga Clan’s sinister plans. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with detailed steps to complete the quest and successfully rescue Princess Zelda.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Zelda Kidnapped Quest:

Finding the Carved-Out Heart of Towering Twins Location:

  1. Initiate the Quest: Speak to Penn, located at the top of the Dueling Peaks Stable, to begin the quest. He will inform you that Princess Zelda has been kidnapped by the Yiga Clan and left a note mentioning her captivity at the “carved-out heart of the towering twins.”
  2. Head to Dueling Peaks South: Follow Penn’s instructions and make your way to the Dueling Peaks South. This location holds the key to finding the carved-out heart of the towering twins.

  3. Coordinates: Once you arrive at Dueling Peaks South, navigate to the specific coordinates 1318 1966 0304. This is where you will find the cage that supposedly contains Princess Zelda.
  4. Freeing the “Princess”: Use Ultrahand, a special tool, to lift the cage and release the captive. However, be prepared for a surprising twist – the captive inside the cage is actually a member of the Yiga Clan in disguise.
  5. Yiga Ambush: As the Yiga Clan members reveal themselves, defend yourself against the ambush. Engage in combat and eliminate all the Yiga threats to ensure your safety and the success of your rescue mission.
  6. Congratulations and Reward: After successfully overcoming the Yiga ambush, Penn will appear to congratulate you on your victory. As a token of appreciation for your heroic efforts, he will reward you with 300 Rupees.
  7. Report to Traysi: To conclude this side adventure, return to the Lucky Clover Gazette and report the events to Traysi. Share the story of the Yiga ambush and your triumph over their deceptive scheme.

By following this guide, you will successfully locate the carved-out heart of the towering twins and complete the “Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!” side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Enjoy the excitement of unraveling the Yiga Clan’s plans and rescuing the true Princess Zelda from their clutches.

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