Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | Forgotten Temple Guide!

Welcome to the Forgotten Temple, a location of historical and spiritual significance in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Once a majestic structure dedicated to the Goddess Hylia, the temple now lies in ruins, its grandeur faded over time. Inside, players will encounter Impa, a key character who holds vital information about the geoglyphs and associated memories. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the location of the Forgotten Temple, how to enter it, where to find Impa within the temple, and the discovery of the geoglyph map, providing essential guidance for your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Forgotten Temple in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

Location: To embark on your journey to the Forgotten Temple, head west of the Korok Forest, nestled between the Kiuyoyou Shrine and the Orochium Shrine. As you navigate the Tabantha Frontier, make your way toward the coordinates (-1420, 2269, -0050), which will lead you to the entrance of the temple.

Entering the Forgotten Temple: Reaching the entrance of the Forgotten Temple requires a combination of skill and maneuvering. Stand on the cliffs that overlook the ravine on either side and take a daring glide into the semi-circle-shaped entrance. Alternatively, if you find yourself at the bottom of the ravine, search for ledges protruding from the walls beneath the door. Ascend these ledges, carefully making your way towards the entrance, where you’ll spot Impa’s distinctive hot air balloon.

Finding Impa within the Temple: Upon arriving at the entrance, you’ll encounter Cado, a member of the Sheikah tribe, who informs you that Lady Impa has already ventured inside the temple. Glide further into the expansive open room. While two groups of Bokoblins may be present on the ground, it is possible to avoid confrontation by quickly running past them. Defeat them or navigate around them, continuing towards the opposite wall. Look for ledges that extend from the wall, providing a pathway for you to ascend. Follow these ledges until you reach a hole in the wall. Proceed through the opening, and you’ll discover Impa standing beside the Mayausiy Shrine, ready to share her knowledge.

The Geoglyph Map: Deep within the Forgotten Temple, a significant discovery awaits you—the geoglyph map. This map unveils the locations of the geoglyphs scattered throughout the vast land of Hyrule. As you venture further into the temple, passing the fallen Goddess Statue, you’ll enter a circular room. As you approach the ledge, a glimpse of the geoglyph map on the floor below will catch your eye. Take a leap of faith, jump down into the room, and trigger a cutscene featuring Impa and Cado. Remember to capture a picture of the map using your Sheikah Slate’s Camera, as it will serve as a valuable reference in your search for the geoglyphs and Dragon Tear memories.

With this comprehensive guide, you now possess the knowledge and guidance to navigate the Forgotten Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. Explore its sacred halls, encounter Impa, and unlock the secrets of the geoglyphs. May your journey through the temple bring you closer to solving the mysteries of Hyrule and unveiling the truth behind Tears of the Kingdom. For further assistance and a deeper understanding of the game’s challenges, refer to our guide on completing the Spirit Temple.

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