Soul Hackers 2 | How To Defeat Kishi Take-Manakata in Arrow Sectror 1F?

Kishin Take-Minakata is going to be the first boss that you will encounter in Soul Hackers 2. If you want to know how to defeat Kishin Take-Minakata then keep reading.

In the first part of Soul Hackers 2, your first task will be to determine what is wrong with Ringo and why he is unwell. If you want to unravel the riddle of what’s setting it off in the First Sector, you’re going to have to outwit those who are there. The first portion is reserved exclusively for Arrow. Once the quest has been initiated, it is necessary to pass through both gates. However, in order to get past the gates, you’ll require Arrow level 10 or above. You’ll find the guard, Kishin Take-Minakata, just inside the entrance to the grounds. You are unable to proceed until he has been vanquished. First, we’re going to examine Kishin Take strikes and Minakata’s weak spots, and then we’ll go on to figure out how to beat him.

Destiny 2 – Strength & Weakness:

  • Kishin Take-Minakata

Electric Block
Force Weak
Ruin Block
  • Holy Cironnup

Ice Resist
Electric Weak


  • Kishin Take-Minakata

Defense KuzushiLower the defense of 1 party member with some physical damage
TarukajaIncrease in all enemies attacks
ZioOne of the party members will get electric damage
MazioAll the party members will get the electric damage
  • Holy Cironnup
DiaIt can restore HP to 1 of the enemies
Needle ShotOne party member will get gunfire damage
  • How To Defeat Kishin Take-Minakata:

Here’s how to defeat Kishin Take-Minakata in SH2:

  • Be certain that you have every piece of the necessary equipment on you before you enter the fray.
  • Every member of the party is in perfect health and has access to all of the resources that the party has.
  • Before you engage in battle, you should also make an effort to enlist the services of certain very skilled demons.
  • During this battle, it is very necessary for one of the members of your party to have the ability to call forth a demon that can make use of Dia.
  • The most successful tactic for beating an adversary is to target and capitalize on the flaws that they have.
  • Make use of the fact that Fire and Force are Kishin Take-weak Minakata’s strengths in order to strengthen your own abilities.
  • When Kishin Take-Minakata suffers serious injuries, which occur around sixty percent of the time.
  • It is making preparations to send in reinforcements.
  • His conjured demons will not only attempt to harm you, but they will also assist the primary monster in regaining its health.
  • You might use the strategy of “divide and conquer” by delegating one of your team members to deal with the smaller monsters in the area while the rest of your group focuses on vanquishing Kishin Take-Minakata.