Endless Dungeon | Trophies/Achievements Guide

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with “Endless Dungeon,” a tower defense twin-stick shooter developed by Amplitude Studios.

Released on October 19, 2023, for multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S, the game immerses players in the abandoned corridors of a space station. Assemble a squad of diverse characters, each armed with unique weapons, skills, and abilities. Whether you go solo or team up with friends in cooperative multiplayer, your mission is clear: protect the invaluable “Crystal Bot” as it navigates through procedurally generated levels, fending off hordes of enemies and making strategic decisions about resources like food, science, industry, medkits, and Dust Shards. Dive into the dynamic world of “Endless Dungeon” where real-time action meets rogue-lite elements, offering a thrilling gaming experience.

Endless Dungeon: Trophies/Achievements List:

Here’s the list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them:

DustiniumUnlock all other trophies.
Starting an Endless StoryTaste the Reloader for the second time.
Leap Before You LookReach the hoist at the end of the first floor.
Getting the Hang of ItReach the hoist at the end of the second floor.
How Low Can We Go?Reach the hoist at the end of the third floor.
Exhaustive ExplorerReach the hoist after visiting all of the Districts on the first floor (over several runs).
Obsessively ThoroughReach the hoist after visiting all of the Districts on the second floor (over several runs).
No Stone UnturnedReach the hoist after visiting all of the Districts on the third floor (over several runs).
What’s Behind Every Door?Reach the hoist after visiting all of the Districts (over several runs).
Finishing an Endless StoryReach the Reactor for the first time.
All Your Secrets Are Belong to UsReach the Reactor once all of the Station Archives are unlocked.
Pest ControlGet rid of Bug Momma.
BlobmeisterGet rid of Shelldiver.
Aggressive AntivirusGet rid of Overmind.
Unblurred LinesGet rid of Eriaudy.
Unnaturally CuriousOpen 10,000 doors (over several runs).
Grab ‘Em AllKill 100,000 Monsters (over several runs).
Turret SyndromeBuild every Turret once (over several runs).
HoarderStore 100 Food, Industry and Science (in a single run).
Team BuilderUnlock all Heroes.
Endless BiographerComplete all of the Hero quests.
Long Live RockGet the complete band on stage.
Noob NirvanaReach the Reactor without buying a single Hero Upgrade.
TechnophobiaReach the Reactor without upgrading a single Turret.
Nothing FancyReach the Reactor using only the Heroes’ starting Weapons.
Mint ConditionReach the Reactor without Crystal Bot being damaged.
Everybody Goes HomeReach the Reactor without losing a single Hero.
Full ThrottleReach the Reactor in less than 60 minutes.
Cruising SpeedReach the Reactor in less than 90 minutes.
Effective EfficiencyReach the Reactor with a minimal score of 7,000.
Endlessly EffectiveReach the Reactor with a minimal score of 10,000.

As you strive to unlock the prestigious “Dustinium” trophy, signifying mastery over the game, “Endless Dungeon” presents an ever-evolving challenge. From your initial encounters with Bug Momma to conquering the Reactor without a single hero upgrade, the journey is fraught with strategic decisions and relentless enemy hordes.

Completing all Hero quests, building every turret, and reaching the Reactor without a scratch on the Crystal Bot showcase your prowess. The game’s innovative blend of tower defense, twin-stick shooting, and rogue-lite dynamics ensures that every achievement in the table, from “Full Throttle” to “Endlessly Effective,” is a testament to your strategic acumen and combat prowess. “Endless Dungeon” not only challenges your gaming skills but invites you to explore the mysteries of the space station in a gripping, endless adventure.