Soul Hackers 2 | Jack Frosts | Skills, Stats, Fusion | How To Unlock?

In Soul Hackers 2, different demons come with different stats and skills. Here is how you can get Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2.

Players in Soul Hackers 2 have access to a vast pool of different demons that they may take command of. The majority of gamers feel that Jack Frost is a monster that is both enjoyable and helpful to have in the game. Due to the fact that it appears in each installment of the game, this monster stands out from the others in the pack. If you want to become friends with demons in Soul Hacker 2, you will need to chat with them and offer them something in exchange for their time and attention. Find out here what you need to do in order to unlock Jack Frost in Soul Hacker 2!

How To Get Jack Frost In Soul Hackers 2?

Here’s how to get Jack Frost in SH2:

  • In Soul Hackers 2, obtaining Jack Frost requires a significant amount of time and effort.
  • If you are successful in defeating him, Jack Frost may be yours to take if you want him.
  • The fact that Jack Frost appears so early in the game means that you won’t be able to get anything from him or strike any agreements with him.
  • If you want to obtain Jack Frost without resorting to direct dispute or negotiating, you have two possibilities.
    • Explore the map to locate Jack Frost and talk to him.
    • It is offered for sale by Fusion.
  • In Soul Hackers 2, the only two ways to get Jack Frost are those that have already been discussed.
  • Jack Frost’s base stats

Base Level13
  • Jack Frost’s skill list

Bufu (3mp)Weak ice damage to a single enemy
Lourdes (3mp)Cures Poison/Paralysis/Dread/Bomb for one ally
Mabufu (7mp)Weak ice damage to multiple enemies
Sabbath Healer (Passive)May activate during a sabbath. Restores party HP proportional to damage dealt