Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name | Trophies

Embark on an exhilarating journey in “Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name,” a gripping tale of deception, redemption, and intense combat.

As the legendary yakuza, Kazuma Kiryu, you must navigate a world where past sins collide with the present, forcing you to relinquish your identity to protect your loved ones. In this guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of the castle and its legendary Coliseum and provide a comprehensive walkthrough to help you unlock every trophy and achievement, from mastering combat styles to completing minigames and recruiting members to the Joryu Clan. Get ready to erase your past and forge a path to victory.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name: Trophies/Achievements

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to unlock all the trophies and achievements in “Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.” Follow the steps and requirements provided to ensure the successful completion of each goal.

Legendary Fighter Pack

  • Description: Enter the Coliseum and play as or alongside Goro Majima, Taiga Saejima, and Daigo Dojima.


  • Description: Embark on a gripping action narrative as Kazuma Kiryu under the codename “Joryu.”


  • Description: Dynamically switch between Yakuza and Agent fighting styles in visceral melee combat.

Upgrade Abilities Trophies

Dragon of DojimaObtained all trophies.
Fledgling DragonObtained 10 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.
Respectable DragonObtained 20 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.
Ferocious DragonObtained 30 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.
Legendary DragonObtained 50 abilities through Upgrade Abilities.
  • Guide: Earn experience points in battles and use them to upgrade Kiryu’s abilities in both Yakuza and Agent fighting styles.

Gadget Activation Trophies

Like a BeeActivate the Hornet gadget during battle 100 times.
Like a SnakeActivate the Serpent gadget during battle 50 times.
Like a SpiderActivate the Spider gadget during battle 50 times.
Like a FireflyDetonate the Firefly gadget during battle 50 times.
  • Guide: Use the corresponding gadgets during battles to meet the activation requirements.

Equipment and Combat Trophies

Always PreparedObtain 10 types of equipment items.
Extremely HeatedUse Extreme Heat 30 times.
UntouchableUse Ultimate Counter 5 times.
Silver TierEarn a Silver rank at the Castle.
Gold TierEarn a Gold rank at the Castle.
Platinum TierEarn a Platinum rank at the Castle.
  • Guide: Collect equipment items, utilize Extreme Heat and Ultimate Counter in battles, and achieve high ranks at the Castle.

Requests and Stroll n’ Patrol Trophies

Taking RequestsComplete 5 requests for Akame.
At Your ServiceComplete 10 requests for Akame.
Go-To GuyComplete 15 requests for Akame.
Neighborhood WatchComplete 10 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.
Neighborhood DefenderComplete 30 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.
Neighborhood HeroComplete 50 Stroll n’ Patrol missions.
  • Guide: Fulfill Akame’s requests and participate in Stroll n’ Patrol missions to unlock these trophies.

Bonding Trophies

Drinkin’ and Linkin’Bond completely with Akame.
To Train in LifeBond completely with a Joryu Clan member.
To Train in DeathBond completely with 5 Joryu Clan members.
To Train BeyondBond completely with 10 Joryu Clan members.
  • Guide: Interact and engage with Akame and Joryu Clan members to strengthen your bonds.

Fan Base Trophies

Rookie FighterReach 1,000 fans.
Up-and-Coming FighterReach 3,000 fans.
Favored FighterReach 10,000 fans.
PrizefighterReach 30,000 fans.
  • Guide: Participate in battles, complete missions, and engage with fans to increase your fan base.

Hell’s Arena Trophies

Hell’s KeeperComplete all matches with a Silver rank.
Hell’s PatronComplete all matches with a Gold rank.
Hell’s ChampionComplete all matches with a Platinum rank.
  • Guide: Excel in the Castle’s arena battles to achieve Silver, Gold, and Platinum ranks.

Joryu Clan Recruitment Trophies

Welcome to the FamilyRecruit 10 members to the Joryu Clan.
Strength in NumbersRecruit 20 members to the Joryu Clan.
They Can’t Stop Us AllRecruit 30 members to the Joryu Clan.
  • Guide: Recruit new members to strengthen the Joryu Clan.

Fashion Trophies

Fashion ScrubObtain 15 types of outfit items.
FashionistaObtain 30 types of outfit items.
TrendsetterObtain 50 types of outfit items.
  • Guide: Collect a variety of outfit items to unlock these trophies.

Minigames and Hostess Missions Trophies

The Man Who Had Too Many HobbiesPlay 10 minigames.
Heavenly VIPComplete all hostess missions at Club Heavenly.
Castle VIPComplete all hostess missions at Castle Cabaret.
  • Guide: Participate in various minigames and complete hostess missions at the specified locations.

Other Miscellaneous Trophies

Retro GamerPlay 5 different games on the SEGA Master System.
Arcade DwellerPlay 6 different games at the arcade.
Pocket Circuit ProUnlock the Masters Circuit in Pocket Circuit.
Left in the DustWin 3 Rival Matches in Pocket Circuit.
BullseyeWin a game of darts.
Royal GamblerPlay at the casino and gambling hall in the Castle.
Rising SuperstarGo to karaoke with Akame and sing a duet.
Surgical PrecisionComplete a 1-Shot Challenge on normal difficulty.
Locked UpObtain 30 items from coin lockers.
Whip-SplashThrow an enemy into the river with the Spider gadget.
Gotta Catch Some Balls!Obtain some Balls.
  • Guide: Follow the specific requirements for each trophy, such as playing minigames, winning at Pocket Circuit, playing at the casino, etc.

Secret Trophies

Hidden DragonComplete Chapter 1.
Castle on the WaterComplete Chapter 2.
The Man Who Knew Too MuchComplete Chapter 3.
The Laughing ManComplete Chapter 4.
The Man Who Erased His NameComplete the Final Chapter.
First King DethronedDefeat the first of the Four Kings.
Second King DethronedDefeat the second of the Four Kings.
Third King DethronedDefeat the third of the Four Kings.
Fourth King DethronedDefeat the fourth of the Four Kings.
The World’s StrongestDefeat Amon.
  • Guide: Progress through the story, defeat the Four Kings, and ultimately face and defeat Amon to unlock these secret trophies.

Congratulations, Dragon of Dojima! You’ve successfully navigated the treacherous waters of “Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.” From the legendary Coliseum battles to the depths of the Castle, you’ve conquered every challenge, earning each trophy and achievement along the way. Whether you’ve built an extensive fan base, dominated the arena, or bonded with the members of the Joryu Clan, your journey has been one for the record books.

As you stand triumphant, having faced the Four Kings and emerged victorious against Amon, remember that the world is yours to explore. May your legacy endure and your achievements be forever etched in the annals of gaming history. Until the next adventure beckons, continue to roar like a dragon! Follow this guide, and you’ll be on your way to achieving 100% completion in “Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name”!