Halo Infinite Update Roadmap Planned For Tomorrow, Will Reveal Content For “Months Ahead”

343 Industries will share an update roadmap for Halo Infinite to reveal the content that is being released in the “months ahead”.

Brian Jarrard, the community manager at 343 Industries, mentioned that they are planning to share more information on the update roadmap for Halo Infinite tomorrow.

“‘Targets’ are a stake in the ground at the time but of course subject to change. We’ll have a roadmap update tomorrow on what to expect with Infinite in the months ahead,” says Brian Jarrard.

The development team at 343 Industries is also monitoring reports of the increase in Halo Infinite server latency, ping spikes and higher than usual pings, and packet loss. They are trying to resolve these issues as well.

The last update for the game was released on August 25. While it fixed some of the bugs, there were still some known issues present since the update.

  • During matchmade multiplayer gameplay, the Daily & Weekly Challenges listed in the pause menu all show a value of 0 XP.
    • Completing these Challenges will award the correct amount of XP after the match ends.

Halo Infinite still hasn’t received a co-op mode in addition to the rumored Battle Royale mode. The game has been out for more than a year but the update process has been criticized by fans. 343 Industries has a lot to mend if they are planning to share announcements for the upcoming content tomorrow.