All Academics Wanted Quests Answers in Soul Hackers 2

If you need a comprehensive walkthrough of the Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quest solutions, be sure to go over the whole list that can be found below.

There is a mission in Soul Hackers 2 called “Academic Wanted,” and the only way to complete it is to make use of the information you have gained. The whole discussion will be comprised of questions, all of which need to be answered properly before going on to the next topic. If you are successful in completing the objective, you will be awarded some wonderful cash money that you can spend in many other portions of the game. If this is your first time learning about the world, there is no need for concern since all of the knowledge you want may be found right here. Explore the available paths for the Academics Wanted Quest in Soul Hackers 2 by looking over the available alternatives.

Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quest Answers Guide

Requirement: When you fuse 2 demons for the first time in the game.

Reward: 6,000 yen

Questions Answers
What is the current name of the country where the story of Night Mokoi Originated?


What is the translated meaning of Jirae Koropokkur’s name?
Dweller beneath the butterbur


Which demon is also known by the title count of death and destruction?





Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted (Again) Quest Answers Guide

Requirement: when you are done fighting Ash in the Ozaki Hope Tower.

Reward: 24,000 yen

Questions Answers
What is the name of the demon said to seduce men and born from the demon Lilith?




Nezha Taizi is a Chinese heroic god in the form of a young boy. Whom did he fight?


Sun Wukong


The Raptor Muu Shuwuu was supposedly a girl who never knew love. What is she known to drain from her victims?




What two things is the Greek god Dionysus associated with?


Drink and Theater



Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted (Yes, Again) Quest Answers Guide

Requirement: you need to get access to the 24th Municipal Ward.

Reward: 180,000 yen

Questions Answers
Divine Power is a ranked title for angels. What is their original Greek name?




Which of these demons is known to have a great knowledge of both birds and jewelry?




Which evil dragon is famous for being slain by the Scandinavian hero, Siegfried?




Concerning the vampire Kudlak and the emissary of light, Kresnik. What color are their animal forms when they do battle?


Black and White


What is the name of the place of judgment where the Egyptian god Anubis weighs the hearts of the dead?
The Court of Osiris