PUBG Update 1.75 Patch Details – What’s New?

PUBG update 1.75 has arrived and we have listed all the details of this update below.

PUBG update 1.74 was released on 12th August for PS5 and Xbox One. Update 1.75 is released just to fix the issue with combat feed messages. The combat feed messages were not being received on time, but the issue will be resolved with this update. Here are the complete details of the patch notes below.

PUBG Update 1.75 Patch Notes:

  • An update was released to resolve an issue that causes combat feed messages to be delayed

The PC version was also updated with the following fixes.

  • Fix to resolve the server stability issues. Ranked game modes are back up.
  • Fixed an issue where binding “Y” to a certain emote caused both the emote and spray to be used simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the killfeed entries to be delayed.