Samurai Shodown Update 2.41 Patch Details – What’s New in August 19 Update?

Samurai Shodown Update 2.41 is finally here.  Baiken for Guilty Gear has been added in Samurai Shodown as a DLC character in update 2.41. You can now purchase Baiken for 5.99$, or you can purchase a character pass. Some adjustments have also been made to the game for specific Xbox Series X/S.  Here are the complete details of the patch notes below.

Samurai Shodown Update 2.41 Patch Notes:

Updated Content:

  • Added DLC character BAIKEN
  • Wall Jumping is now detailed appropriately as being to be performed weaponless in the command menu.
  • Resolved improperly translated text.
  • Resolved an issue where NAKORURU’s character portrait would be improperly displayed when changing her color to green with certain timing.
  • Can now adjust the Guard Crush meter during Training Mode online.
  • Fixed other minor issues and features.

Changes Made Specifically For Xbox Series X/S:

  • Resolved an issue where characters could cancel out of hitstun.
  • Resolved an issue where WARDEN’s special move, Vanguard’s Advance, would not display properly.

All the above patch details have been taken from here. If you want to see all the character balances check out the link.