Ghost Of Tsushima – Achievements – How to Unlock?

The 2020 action-adventure game “Ghost of Tsushima” was developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The player takes control of Jin Sakai, a samurai on a mission to safeguard Tsushima Island during Mongolia’s first invasion of Japan in an open world. On July 17, 2020, the game was released on PlayStation 4, and on August 20, 2021, the director’s cut version for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be released. It was praised for its vision and fighting, but it was criticized for its shooting actions, which allowed the world to open up. “Soul of Tsushima” has also earned many nominations and awards, with 6.5 million copies sold as of March 2021. In this guide, we have compiled a list of all the trophies/achievements that players can unlock in Ghost Of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima: Trophies/Achievements

There are several trophies/achievements in Ghost of Tsushima along with DLC packs listed below:

Base Game:

There are a total of 52 trophies/achievements that players can unlock in the main game. Here’s the list of all the trophies/achievements that can be unlocked in Ghost Of Tsushima’s main game:

Trophies/AchievementsHow to Unlock
Living LegendObtain all trophies.
Gathering StormRecover the katana of clan Sakai.
Point of No ReturnBreak your code to help a new friend.
Company of WolvesRecruit the Straw Hat ronin.
Stoking the FlameRescue Taka from Mongol captivity.
Family ReunionFree Lord Shimura from the Khan’s clutches.
Leader of the PeopleRally the peasants of Yarikawa.
BirthrightRecover your father’s armor.
Dying EmbersEradicate the traitors in the name of a fallen friend.
The GhostEmbrace your new identity.
The Exiled AllianceReunite with your allies in the frozen north.
Sovereign EndConfront the Khan.
Mono No AwareLeave the past behind and accept the burden of your new mantle.
The Warrior MonkComplete all of Norio’s Tales.
The Vengeful WarriorComplete all of Masako’s Tales.
The Unbending ArcherComplete all of Ishikawa’s Tales.
The Headstrong ThiefComplete all of Yuna’s Tales.
Teller of TalesComplete all of the Mythic Tales.
Helping Sword HandComplete all Tales of Tsushima.
Flash of SteelDefeat 20 enemies with a counterattack after a Perfect Parry.
Witness ProtectionShoot a Terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing.
All in the WristDefeat the maximum amount of enemies within a single Standoff.
Open for BusinessSuccessfully Stagger enemies 50 times.
There Can Be Only OneSuccessfully complete every duel.
Have a Nice FallKill an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge.
Haunting PrecisionKill 20 enemies with Ghost Stance strikes.
The Ghost of LegendBuild your Legend to earn the title Ghost of Tsushima.
Quick StudyLearn the Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon combat stances.
Every Trick in the BookAcquire all the throwable Ghost Weapon techniques.
The Perfect StormFully upgrade your sword.
A Charming ManEquip a charm in all 6 slots.
GiftedCollect 10 gifts.
SlayAcquire 30 pieces of Vanity Gear.
Light the WayRekindle all the lighthouses of Tsushima.
Den of ThievesDiscover Umugi Cove.
Favor of the KamiFind and honor all of the Shinto Shrines on Tsushima.
Honor the UnseenBow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima.
Lost and FoundDiscover a Pillar of Honor and collect its Sword Kit.
Monochrome MastersPurchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants.
Cooper Clan CosplayerDress up as a legendary thief.
Dirge of the Fallen ForgePlay the “Lament of the Storm” at a friend’s grave.
A Moment in TimePersonalize a scene in Photo Mode.
Avid ReaderCollect 20 Records.
Know Your EnemyCollect 20 Mongol artifacts.
Body, Mind, and SpiritComplete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.
Hero of the PeopleLiberate 12 occupied areas in Izuhara
A Fight For The Isle….Liberate all occupied areas in Izuhara.
Good RiddanceLiberate 8 occupied areas in Toyotama.
Securing Sanctuary….Liberate all occupied areas in Toyotama.
Mass EvictionLiberate 7 occupied areas in Kamiagata.
A New Safe HavenLiberate all occupied areas in Kamiagata.
Master LiberatorLiberate the entirety of Tsushima Island.

DLC Trophy Pack 1:

There are a total of 6 trophies in DLC Pack 1: Legends Mode of Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s the list of all of them:

Trophies/AchievementsHow to Unlock
TranscendenceComplete all 3 Raid chapters.
Ultimate WarriorReach rank 20 with all roles
Ultimate TruthComplete the final wave in a gold Survival.
Promising StartComplete a Legends Mode story.
True UnderstandingComplete all Legends Mode stories on a single difficulty.
Self-ActualizedReach rank 20 in any role.

DLC Trophy Pack 2:

There are a total of 2 trophies/achievements in New Game + of Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s the list of all of them:

Trophies/AchievementsHow to Unlock
Grand OpeningPurchase something from Baku the Voiceless in New Game+.
A Legend for All TimeComplete Jin’s Journey in New Game+.

DLC Trophy Pack 3:

There’s a total of 7 trophies/achievements in DLC pack 3 Iki Island of Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s the list of all of them:


Trophies/AchievementsHow to Unlock
Out of the PastSurvive the Eagle’s medicine and bid farewell to a new friend.
Friend to All RaidersComplete all Tales of Iki.
The Benefit of All BeingsBuild your Legend on Iki Island to earn the title Legacy Redeemer.
The Butcher RedeemedLiberate Iki Island by defeating the Eagle and driving the invaders from Mongol territory.
Treasures of the PastComplete all Mythic Tales on Iki Island.
Elegy for KazumasaComplete all Memories of Your Father.
Common CourtesyDiscover and complete all unwritten tales on Iki Island.

DLC Trophy Pack 4:

There’s a total of 6 trophies/achievements in DLC pack 4 Iki Island of Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s the list of all of them:

Trophies/AchievementsHow to Unlock
Monkey SeeEmbody the spirit of the monkey on Saruiwa.
Pride of IshikawaAchieve bronze or higher on all Archery Challenges.
Chiyoko’s SongComplete all Animal Sanctuaries.
A Few SplintersComplete all bokken duels at the Hidden Cove Tournament.
Well-Rounded WarriorComplete all Haiku, Onsen, Shinto Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes on Iki Island.
Blood on Your HandsPurchase an item from the Crimson Dye Merchant and obtain a dye for your Sakai Horse Armor.

DLC Trophy Pack 5:

There’s a total of 4 trophies/achievements in DLC Pack 4 Rivals and Mastery of Ghost of Tsushima. Here’s a list of all of them:


Trophies/AchievementsHow to Unlock
Honor BoundBind a piece of gear to a class.
Champion of the KamiWin a Legends Rivals match.
Cursed No MorePurify a Cursed piece of gear.
A Painful BlockageSummon five Shades in a single Rivals match.

These are all the trophies/achievements that players can unlock in the main game as well as DLCs packs of Ghost of Tsushima.