How Long Does It Take To Beat The Callisto Protocol?

The Callisto Protocol has been released and players are asking how much time it will take to beat it. So here’s the answer!

The Callisto Protocol is the most current AAA survival horror game that has been released on the market. This space horror thriller is the work of Glen Schofield, the creative director of Dead Space, and his new team at Striking Distance Studios. The action takes place in a jail located on the moon Callisto. Keep reading this guide to find out the complete details!

The Callisto Protocol – Game Length:

Here’s everything you need to know about how long it takes to beat the Callisto protocol:

  • The Callisto Protocol is a condensed and succinct video game that follows in the footsteps of its illustrious ancestors.
  • It will not take you hundreds of hours to finish as a major role-playing game would.
  • The hour ranges that these games may fall into are something that fans of the genre should be aware of; but, where exactly does The Callisto Protocol lie on that spectrum?
  • My time spent playing The Callisto Protocol for our review was a little over seven hours, and when all of the game’s endings are included, it may have been closer to eight hours.
  • At approximately 9 o’clock saw the arrival of yet another GameSkinny contributor.
  • As a direct consequence of this, there is some variation that occurs depending on the skill level of the player and the setting for the degree of difficulty.
  • This playtime is about equivalent to the averages that were found in the previous two Dead Space games.
  • The Callisto Protocol is similar to Resident Evil: Village in terms of more modern action horror games, and it can be completed in the same amount of time as Resident Evil 2 by the majority of gamers.
  • It is important to note that, in contrast to many of these games, The Callisto Protocol does not yet include a New Game Plus capability; nonetheless, the addition of this feature is scheduled for the following year.