New Starfield Screenshots Give Us Another Look At An Early Build

Starfield is one of the year’s most anticipated games. It is exclusive to Xbox and PC and will be available on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

While the game isn’t due out until late 2022, there hasn’t been much gameplay released from it. Microsoft has only shown some of the in-engine footage as part of a teaser, while the remainder has only been seen as concept art.

This hasn’t stopped some individuals from sharing in-game screenshots from a pre-release copy of the game from 2018. A fresh batch of screenshots has been uncovered by members on the Starfield subreddit. These depict a base on a planet with a close-up of several of the textures.

The game’s UI, as shown in these leaked pictures, has been proven to be a placeholder.

Bethesda Softworks’ newest IP is Starfield. Todd Howard, the creator of The Elder Scrolls series, is in charge of its development. Because it is Bethesda’s first sci-fi new IP, there is naturally a lot of excitement surrounding it. After acquiring the studio, Microsoft has also secured it as a big first-party exclusive, and the fact that it will premiere on day one for Xbox Game Pass adds to their advantage.

Starfield does not yet have a release date, but it will be available for PC and Xbox consoles in late 2022.

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