Madden 22 NFL Update 2.01 Patch Notes – What’s New?

Madden 22 NFL update 2.01 is now available. Here are all the changes and fixes added to this patch.

Update 2.01 of Madded 22 NFL has been released today for PS4 and Xbox One. Regional assignment Scouts, multiple styles of Scouting, Mock Drafts, big board movement, Pro Day Reveals, and several other things have been added in this patch. Here are all the details of Madden 22 NFL update 2.01.

Madden 22 NFL Update 2.01 Patch Notes:

Here are the official patch notes of Madded 22 NFL update 2.01:

Key Highlights:

  • New scouting feature in Franchise mode
  • Ranked in the Yard now available
  • New gameplay abilities and tuning

NFL Authenticity Updates: 

  • 99 Club Cleats and new Jordan 5 low and mid cleats added
  • Panthers and Saints Stadium renovations added
  • Browns 1960’s helmet updated
  • Colts 1960’s jersey updated
  • Multiple mouthpiece placement issues fixed
  • Some heads appearing grey on Gen 4 fixed
  • Lighting issues around shadows are fixed across multiple stadiums.
  • New throwback uniforms added for 49ers, 1980’s Away, 1994 Away, 1998 Home/Away
  • New Likeness added for the following players:
    • Brandon Aiyuk
    • Ja’Marr Chase
    • Caleb Farley
    • C.J. Henderson
    • Darnay Holmes
    • Jaycee Horn
    • Javon Kinlaw
    • Trey Lance
    • John Johnson III
    • Dalton Schultz
    • Gerald Everett
    • Xavier McKinney
    • Sean Murphy-Bunting
    • Kenneth Murray Jr
    • Michael Pittman Jr
    • Patrick Queen
    • Trey Sermon
    • Laviska Shenault Jr
    • DeVonta Smith
    • Patrick Surtain II
    • Kadarius Toney
    • Jaylen Waddle
    • Antoine Winfield
    • Rock Ya-Sin

Gameplay Updates:

New Abilities

  • Run Off Elite – Players with this ability will distract defenders for longer with their runoffs
  • On The Ball – Players with this ability are much less likely to be fooled by WR runoffs.
  • Precision Kicker – Kickers with this ability can see the entirety of the kicking arc
  • Crusher – Defenders with this ability will cause heavy fatigue penalties when tackling a ballcarrier with a hit-stick tackle.
  • Mind Reader – When they enter the zone, they can see offensive play art via coach cam.
  • Demoralizer – Defenders with this ability will clear a ballcarrier’s progress towards entering the zone with a hit-stick tackle.
  • Mind Reader (X-Factor) – When activated, defenders can see offensive play art via coach cam.

DEV NOTE: This powerful X-Factor Ability can only activate once the defensive player possessing the Ability gets in the zone by landing three successful Hit Sticks on Simulation or Arcade or five successful Hit Sticks on Competitive. You will be able to view your opponent’s play art when you bring up Coach Cam. To knock the player out of the zone, you will need to gain 30 yards on offense. This X-Factor will not be immediately available in Madden Ultimate Team, but it will be available in Franchise.

Pass Rush

  • Addressed an issue where QB Contain assignments would allow the QB to run underneath the defender and get outside the pocket
  • Addressed an issue where QB Contain defender did not disengage at the appropriate time once the QB broke the pocket and started scrambling

Franchise Updates:

  • New Scouting Update Available
    • Be sure to check out our Scouting Update Deep Dive Gridiron Notes
  • Tuned the logic for the MVP award via boosting weight of sacks, greater emphasis on touchdowns, and more significant penalty for turnovers
  • Fix to some teams missing their draft picks on the active/preseason roster
  • Addressed an issue with Weekly Strategy fatigue where CPU/auto manage rep teams get too fatigued by the end of the season
  • Addressed an issue where running backs had very high yards-per-reception in simulation
  • Fixed an issue where the right tackle position did not appear in the trade menus.

Face of the Franchise Updates:

  • Madden NFL 22 update 2.01 fixed a progression issue preventing players from getting progress in their player class during the road to the draft
  • Updated road to the draft to reflect difficulty settings chosen during hospitality settings
  • Madden NFL 22 patch 2.01 resolved multiple crashes impacting player experience

The Yard:

The Yard: Ranked has been added! The Yard: Ranked will allow you to earn Gear, Cred, and Madden Ultimate Team packs all year long. Earning Tier Points will allow you to place on the leaderboard. You can earn extra Tier Points each game by completing in-game goals known as “Props”. Rank up, Prestige, and show the world who’s the best in The Yard!

Presentation and User Interface:

  • Completed authenticity improvements across pre-game flows
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Various UI updates across the mode
  • Fixed an exploit where users were able to exceed the AP limit