Colt Canyon Update 1.01 Patch Notes – What’s New?

Colt Canyon update 1.01 is now available. Here are all the changes and fixes added to this patch.

Update 1.01 of Colt Canyon has been released today on all platforms. Several changes have been made to the melee weapons, a new feature active reloading has been added which will tell you how much time it will take to reload the gun, along with several new weapons that have been added in this update. Here are all the details of Colt Canyon Update 1.01.

Colt Canyon Update 1.01 Patch Notes:

Here are the official patch notes of Colt Canyon Update 1.01:

Howdy fellow gunslingers!
It is finally here, Update 1.1 is now available on all platforms. It took much longer than expected, but thanks to the unstable branch many of you already got a taste of the new update. But even for those, I got some new stuff in the final release version of the update that you can get excited for. More on that later.

Why did it take so long?
  • I am a solo developer working part-time on Colt Canyon and even after being done with the implementation side of the update bug fixing and preparing for release takes a while, especially with the number of different versions (platforms, consoles, languages, etc) I have to get ready nowadays.But anyway, it’s here now! If you enjoy the update please make sure to leave a positive review for Colt Canyon on the store page.
Changes with Update 1.01:
  • One of the bigger changes with this update is the melee overhaul! Throwables are no longer a one-time throw weapon that breaks randomly. Instead, they will modify your melee combat stats when equipped during melee combat. So they are more melee weapons now, and less exclusively throwables. They come with actual durability values with a dedicated indicator in the HUD. It is now also possible to attack more than one object with a single melee attack. No more breaking container groups one by one! Every melee weapon has its own melee stats that, next to modifying your melee damage, modify values such as melee range, cooldown, knockback, or amount of targets. And once you get used to the new melee animations you will never want to go back to the previous melee system.
  • Now, with melee getting massive changes the ranged combat should get some changes as well:
    Introducing active reloading! Whenever you start reloading your guns you will now be greeted by a progress bar indicating how much time reloading your gun will take. This is already pretty useful, but even better is the option to hit the reload button at the right time to boost the reloading speed. This will raise the skill ceiling of Colt Canyon further to allow players to master the game’s mechanics even more. It’s something that is not necessary in order to beat the game, but it will help those that do use it.
  • Together with those changes the update also boosts over 50 new weapons and 7 new upgrades. You can now also carry more ammo by default and the way shields work has changed. Instead of 4, you will now get to choose from 5 random upgrades per rescued prisoner. There is an indicator that signals you that a weapon on the ground is better than your equipped weapon. The crosshair was improved and the gamepad got some dedicated cheats. There are also a whole bunch of tweaks, fixes, and QoL improvements. And exclusively for PC, we got some very basic modding/scripting support. More on that soon.
  • And finally, something to look forward to for the very late game and which was not available in the preview versions of the update (just like the scripting support) are blood weapons, which are very powerful but painful guns and can be found after you’ve reached your partner in a looped run.
  • Because the full changelog is just way too long for a blog post you will have to visit the Colt Canyon Wiki to get more details. Also make sure to check out the updated weapons page with all detailed stats on all guns in the game, generated with the new weapon stat table generator, which is also part of this update.