Far Cry 6 | Aguada Cliffs Checkpoint Key | Where To Find?

There are several places in the Isla of Yara that players will have to explore in Far Cry 6. So that’s why there are several checkpoints scattered around the map to make it easy for the players to explore and save their progress. When players capture each Libertad checkpoint they will get a key that opens a room holding some weapons and important materials. There is a checkpoint on Aguada Cliffs and some of the players are unable to find Aguada’s cliff checkpoint key. So in this guide, we will tell you how to find Aguada’s cliff checkpoint Key in Far Cry 6.

Where To Find Aguada Cliffs Checkpoint Key in Far Cry 6?

The key to the Aguada Cliff Checkpoint can be found on top of a concrete barrier on the opposite side of the locked door. Several gamers have been unable to locate this key, as checkpoint keys are generally hung on the wall and occasionally obtained from high-ranking military personnel.

But some players are still unable to find this key due to a bug in the game. So to fix this bug and make the key respawn, players will have to fast travel to another location and then come back and the key will be sitting on the spot we told above.

If players are still unable to find the key even after following the instructions mentioned above, the other option they have is to break the room’s door by throwing a grenade or ramming it with a vehicle. Once you break the door, go inside, and there you will find a BP-RUC Assault Rifle.

That is everything there is to know about how to get the Aguada Cliffs Checkpoint Key in Far Cry 6.