The House of The Dead: Remake | Achievements | How To Unlock All of Them?

THOTD: Remake has been released. Here’s how to unlock all the achievements in The House of The Dead: Remake.

THOTD: Remake is a recreated version of the arcade game that was released in 1997. It’s a classic arcade rail-shooter game published by Sega. There have been a lot of changes made in the remake version, such as a whole new cast of characters has been added to the game along with gameplay tweaks to meet modern gaming standards. There are 41 achievements that players can unlock in the game. Here’s the list of all the achievements along with how to unlock them in the game.

House Of The Dead: Remake – Achievements:

Here’s the list of all the achievements and how to unlock them:

Trophies/Achievements How To Unlock?
The House Of The Dead Unlock all achievements of The House Of The Dead!
Agent Beat campaign at any difficulty
Blood Bath Beat campaign at ARCADE difficulty
Chariot Beat Chariot at the end of the first chapter.
Hangedman Beat Hangedman at the end of the second chapter
Hermit Beat Hermit at the end of the third chapter.
Magician Beat Magician at the end of the fourth chapter.
Normal ending Finish the game with the final score below 62,000 and the last score digit not equal to zero
True ending Complete the game with a total score of over 62,000
Third ending Finish the game with the final score below 62,000 and the last score digit equal to zero
Ender Discover all three endings.
Hero Save a Scientist.
Saviour Save all Scientists through the campaign.
Murderer Kill a Scientist
Psychopath Kill all Scientists at any chapter
Traveler Discover all paths available in the game.
Secret Room Enter the secret room on level 4.
Collector Collect all items in a single campaign
Catch’em All! .Collect all creature entries.
Full Armory Collect all additional weapons available in the game.
Try this! Collect your first additional weapon.
Headhunter Fire off 666 heads!
Sadist Devastate the opponent’s body as much as possible!
Triple-Kill! Kill 3 enemies in a row.
Penta-Kill! Kill 5 enemies in a row.
Butcher Kill 666 enemies.
Grenadier Kill 5 enemies at the same time.
Dance Macabre Nail down the opponent’s head with Pitter
Swifty Shoot down enemies projectiles 50 times.
Not this time! Finish a single chapter without taking any damage.
Invincible! Finish the whole campaign without taking any damage.
Agent G Finish the full campaign with your friend!
Partner Finish any chapter with help of Player 2.
Reinforcements! Let Player 2 join the game while in a middle of a campaign.
Really? Lose all credits and die.
Who let the dogs out? Knockback the Kenfis
Ringo Knocks up an enemy as high as possible.
No ammo wasted Finish level without reloading with bullets in the chamber.
Glass cleaner Don’t destroy any glass panels on level 2
Deratization Kill all rats in-game.
Unwinged Shoot all Hangedman’s Devilions.