Sonic Colors Ultimate: How Long To Beat?

Sonic Colors Ultimate, the extended and improved remaster version has been released for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. There are new game modes and new content introduced in this remastered version of the original game. The length of the sonic hedgehog games isn’t very long and the same is the case with Sonic Colors. However, a new challenge mode along with some new features has been added in this remastered version to increase the game’s length. So Let’s a look at how long it takes to beat Sonic Colors Ultimate.

Sonic Colors Ultimate: Game’s Length

There are 21 stages in Sonic Colors Ultimate spread across 7 different worlds. It takes 6-7 hours for an average player to complete the game if they rush through the stages without collecting everything.

Those who want to complete every single stage 100% by collecting everything, including hidden collectibles and customization items will take more time. There is enough content for these players such as a new challenge mode “Rival Rush” and several other things in Sonic Colors Ultimate. Completing Sonic Colors Ultimate 100% will take about 17-20 hours.

That’s everything you need to know about how long it takes to beat Sonic Color Ultimate.