Resident Evil 4 | How To Unlock The Handcannon?

Are you tired of using the same old weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake and want to spice up your gameplay experience? Look no further than the Hand Cannon – a powerful, exclusive weapon that can only be unlocked through completing a series of challenging tasks.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps needed to obtain the Hand Cannon, from defeating the game on its hardest difficulty to acquiring all of the necessary treasures. With a little patience and determination, you too can add this formidable firearm to your arsenal and take down your enemies with ease.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Handcannon:

Here’s how to unlock the Hand Cannon in RE4 Remake:

Step 1: finish the game.

You have to finish the game before you may access the Hand Cannon. This entails completing each of the main story tasks, including the boss battle.

Step 2: Win the Mercenaries Mode with a High Score

You need to earn a high score in the Mercenaries mode after finishing the game. In the arcade-style game mode known as “Mercenaries,” you go through a number of stages while slaying as many foes as you can in a given amount of time.

You must get a 5-star rating on each of the Mercenaries mode’s four levels in order to unlock the Hand Cannon. This is no simple task because each level is filled with difficult adversaries that demand quick reflexes and accurate aim to defeat.

Step 3: Buy the hand cannon 

The Hand Cannon may be purchased from the Merchant in the main game once you have received a 5-star rating on each of the Mercenaries mode’s four levels. Before attempting to purchase the Hand Cannon, make sure you have the necessary funds because it costs a stunning 1 million pesetas.

Step 4: Improve the Hand Cannon 

You can upgrade the Hand Cannon once you buy it to give it more power. The Merchant’s shop is where you can increase the weapon’s capacity, firepower, and reload speed.

Step 5: Devastate Opponents with the Hand Cannon

You will be able to easily defeat even the toughest adversaries with the Hand Cannon in your arsenal. With the ability to kill the majority of adversaries with a single shot, this weapon can be extremely dangerous in the hands of a good player.

The Hand Cannon in Resident Evil 4 Remake can only be unlocked after finishing the game, excelling in Mercenaries mode, buying it from the Merchant, then upgrading it to boost its strength. With this weapon at your disposal, you can easily defeat your opponents and win the game.

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  1. wrong. mercenaries is NOT the only way. its just the probablye asier way than beating the story on hardcore with s+ rank

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