Resident Evil 4 | How To Solve The Church Puzzle?

One of the puzzles that you will have to complete to advance through the Resident Evil 4 game’s story is the Church Puzzle.

The Blue Dial key item and the stained glass problem at the Pulpit must both be found in the church during Chapter 4 to unlock this puzzle, which leads to the second floor. We’ll give a step-by-step breakdown of how to solve the Church Puzzle in RE4 Remake in this article.

Resident Evil 4 – Church Puzzle Guide:

Here’s how to solve the Church Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake:

  • Look at the map to find the little key to the right of the pulpit and the Blue Dial key item in the back right corner of the church.
  • Once the Pulpit puzzle has opened, insert the Blue Dial.
  • First, turn the green (center) dial. Align the central point of the symbol with the middle section of the green glass.
  • Next, turn the red (right) dial. Align the red glass in the upper left with the wingtip.

  • Next, turn the blue (left) dial. Use the immediately recognizable notches that correspond with the symbol in the puzzle’s center as a reference to fill in the blanks.
  • When the puzzle is finished, a door on the church’s left side will open, allowing you to ascend to the second floor.
  • With the help of this guide, you ought to be able to beat RE4 Remake’s Church Puzzle with ease and advance in the game.
  • The puzzle’s notches and emblems should be carefully observed because they will point you in the appropriate way.

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