How To Get True Ending in Soul Hackers 2?

Soul Hackers 2 has been released and it has more than one ending. Here’s how to get the true ending in Soul Hackers 2.

Soul Hackers 2 is the sixth Devil Summoner game. Ringo’s decisions affect the game’s outcome. This RPG has just two possible endings, which is rare. Several major characters don’t know the story’s official ending. This article contains no plot spoilers.

Soul Hackers 2 – True Ending:

This is how we’d end Soul Hackers 2:

  • Ringo must pick between two paths in Soul Hackers 2.
  • You have two choices after fighting the monster in Bone Area 24th Ward Municipal Tower.
  • Ringo must pick among group options. Every “I do” conclusion fails. If you say “I don’t,” you might be Happy or Real.
  • Let’s examine two results.
    • Say “I don’t” to each of the four discussion options to receive the Moonlight keys.
    • This may cause more difficult contact with the employer than the other.
    • The season finale will be better.
    • Ringo must decide whether to “reach out to her” after beating the beast.
    • The first option shows a long scenario with a happy ending.
    • Sunlight keys will be sent only if you choose “I do” for the following four interactions.
    • In this alternative ending, you may choose between two options that are essentially the same as the real one: “Let her go” or “Reach out to her.”
      • The narrative has a horrible ending if you choose the first option.
      • Introducing a more involved story with a darker denouement than normal.
      • But it finishes on a bittersweet note.
      • There has been no official word on the game’s ending, although future DLC from Atlus might fill in the gaps.
      • Getting a perfect score requires you to arrive at both of these conclusions.
      • Saving your information in the same way you would for an NG+ will be enough to finish the alternative ending.
      • The Paradise Lost trophy may be earned by playing the game to its natural or intended finish.
      • Conversely, if you choose a bad ending, you may go to the infinite realms beyond.