Destiny 2 | How To Complete The Warpriest Challenge in King Fall’s Raid?

In Destiny 2, Warpriest is the second boss you will encounter during the new king’s Fall raid. Here’s how to complete the Warpriest challenge!

King’s Fall raid includes several boss encounters in it that players will have to defeat to complete the raid. The Warpriest is the second boss in King’s Fall raid, and players will need to make another circuit of the chamber and go through the many different DPS phases. However, there are secret keywords for these levels for those players who wish to make the game more challenging and overcome the challenges surrounding these creatures. One example of this is the Warpriest’s Challenge, which is also known as the Devious Thievery. This guide will assist you in completing the Warpriest Challenge that is part of the King Fall Raid in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 – King’s Fall Raid – Warpriest Challenge:

Here’s how to complete the Warpriest challenge:

  • You and each member of your squad need to have a unique Breath of the Initiate holder in order to pass the DPS check that the Warpriest will give you at regular intervals.
  • To put it simply, someone will need to have this aura equipped on their Guardian for each segment of this phase.
  • This phase is kicked off by detonating a series of glyphs in the arena in order to call it into being.
  • If the wielder does not kill an opponent within the first 10 seconds, they will pass the challenge on to another member of the party, which might result in the challenge being failed.
  • We recommend that you cooperate with the rest of your team in order to guarantee that everyone can plan out each step and exchange roles as necessary for the whole of this part.
  • It is simple to ignore this problem due to the politically charged rhetoric that was used in the triumph.
  • As the operation moves forward, this will need consistent communication and thorough verification of who was responsible for certain tasks.
  • It is possible that the Warpriest is a challenging encounter; as a result, a great number of players were required to take a rest before proceeding with the remainder of the King’s Fall assault.