Battlefield 2042 | How To Check Scoreboard

From the beginning of BF 2042, fans have been asking where they can find the scoreboard. Here’s how to check the Scoreboard in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 is a military first-person shooter video game in the Battlefield series. Battlefield 2042 has been given a different setting from its predecessors, with near-future technology and themes influenced by battle royale games like Apex Legends.

How To Check Scoreboard in Battlefield 2042

Although Battlefield 2042 launched with the long-awaited hovercrafts and an upgraded arsenal, many fans were disappointed by the game’s lack of classic features.

But still finding the scoreboard is not that much hard if you get used to the keys. To check the scoreboard on PC, you need to press and hold the Tab key and to check the scoreboard on the console you need to press and hold the pause key.

But it’s not just how to open a scoreboard, players also have difficulty reading and understanding the stats in the scoreboard. So let’s discuss that too.

Reading the Scoreboard Stats

There are many different things you can read on the scoreboard.

The left side shows the squad ranking and also kills done by you and your teammates. The other thing you will find on the top left is how many areas you have captured with your team.

Now on the right side your missions to complete for XP and also it shows how many players are currently on the map.