How To Add Friends in Battlefield 2042 Crossplay

Battlefield 2042 crossplay allows you to invite your friends from all over the world. Here’s how to add friends in Battlefield 2042.

Though Battlefield 2042 features massive maps and 128-player counts, one thing remains the same: players will need good teammates to watch their back. When they find a trustworthy companion, players can add them to their friend’s list by following these steps:

How To Add Friends in Battlefield 2042

For both PC and Console, the methods are different. So follow these methods to add friends.

On the console, it became pretty easy to add friends to a friend list. On the console, you can use the console’s friend adding features as PSN and Xbox Live.

Now if we talk about it on the PC, things get a little difficult. You need to pause your game and go to Squads and Players and check the players’ list in the match and click on any player and go to view a profile, and you will find their EA Origin account and send a friend request.

Once you’ve added them, you can view their name on the Friends button at the bottom right of your screen and join their games by clicking the icon next to their name. Origin also allows you to play other EA games with friends who have been added via Origin.