Halo Infinite | How To Play Split Screen?

You can play HI with your friends on Split Screen. Here’s how to play Split-screen on Halo Infinite.

Although many games nowadays are played solely online, HI will still feature split-screen multiplayer in the campaign like previous Halo games. The Halo franchise is known for its highly-rated multiplayer, and Halo Infinite will be no exception. Players can expect to play together on the same screen in this game.

Although Halo Infinite is playable on split-screen, it’s not as simple a process as in previous Halo games.

How To Play Split Screen in Halo Infinite:

Players can play Split Screen on Halo Infinite, but the only problem is that it’s only supported for console players, not o PC. So PC players can’t enjoy the spilled screen for now. Even on the console, many players face many issues.


The steps to play Halo Infinite on the console are:

  • First, you need to attach your 2nd controller.
  • Then navigate to the menu on your 2nd controller.
  • Now add 2nd user to 2nd controller.
  • Then you just need to pair both controllers and it will take you to split-screen.
  • Enjoy playing with your friends.

You can play 2 or 4 players according to your console. If you have a standard XBOX then you can only play 2 players or if you have S or X series then you can play 4 players.