The Callisto Protocol Update 1.01 Is Live, Download Size and Patch Notes Revealed

The Callisto Protocol has received a day-one update on PS4. In addition to this, the download size and patch notes have been revealed.

Striking Distance Studios is the developer behind The Callisto Protocol. It is a brand-new studio founded by Glenn Schofield who previously co-created the Dead Space series. It has taken plenty of inspiration from Dead Space as it is another sci-fi horror set in space.

The Callisto Protocol will be out by December 2. It has just received a day-one update that patches the game to version 1.01. The download size of this update has been reported to be 26.9 GB with the following patch notes.

  • General bug fixes, updates, and improvements

In addition to this, the file size of the game has also been revealed for the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles thanks to the Microsoft Store. It will take 46.28 GB of hard disk space according to the official specs.

The Callisto Protocol is also coming to the PS4 and Xbox One while the upcoming Dead Space Remake will be a current-generation exclusive only. Here is the official description of the game.

In this narrative-driven, third-person survival horror game set 300 years in the future, the player will take on the role of Jacob Lee – a victim of fate thrown into Black Iron Prison, a maximum-security penitentiary located on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. When inmates begin to transform into monstrous creatures, the prison is thrown into chaos. To survive, Jacob must battle his way to safety to escape Black Iron Prison, while uncovering the dark and disturbing secrets buried beneath the surface of Callisto. Using a unique blend of shooting and close-quarters combat, Jacob will need to adapt his tactics to combat the rapidly evolving creatures while scavenging to unlock new weapons, gear, and abilities to outrun the growing threat and escape the horrors of Jupiter’s Dead Moon.

The Callisto Protocol will be out on December 2 and release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.