Sony Releases Minor PS5 System Update 23.01-

Sony has recently released a new system update, 23.01-, for the PlayStation 5 console. The update, which is just 1.142 GB in size, is primarily aimed at improving system stability and performance. The update follows the major 7.0 update that was released previously, which introduced features such as Discord voice chat support.

PS5 System Update 23.01- Changelog

  • This system software update improves system performance.

PS5 system update 07.00 patch notes highlighted several features that will appeal to gamers. These include the ability to initiate a screen share directly from a friend’s profile and a new “Join Game” icon in party chats that allows users to quickly join games their friends are playing. The update also includes support for Variable Refresh Rate at 1440p and enhancements to the game library, allowing users to sort and filter games.

Another notable feature of the update is the ability to transfer data from one PS5 console to another using a local Wi-Fi network or LAN cable. Additionally, a new “Friends Who Play” tile allows users to see which of their friends have a specific game, who is currently online, and who is currently playing the game.