Scars Above | Trophy Guide | How To Unlock All Trophies/Achievements?

Scars Above is a first-person, third-view, sci-fi action adventure shooter in which players are tasked with surviving in a dangerous alien world.

The game is developed by Scars Above. This game’s engrossing and deep narrative, along with the exhilarating experience of prevailing over difficult obstacles, will keep you amused for a good long while. But, Scars Above is more than simply a game; it is an opportunity to learn how to triumph over adversity and to grow as a consequence of having done so.

It’s a lot of fun to try to get trophies and other forms of in-game recognition, but it’s easy to become sidetracked and forget why you’re playing the game in the first place. The journey is well worth it in Scars Above due to the challenges you face and conquer, the challenges you encounter and overcome, and the scars you collect along the way. The scars left on your body or in your thoughts are like permanent memories of the struggles you’ve overcome and the growth you’ve experienced since those difficult times. This guide includes a complete list of all 45 trophies and accomplishments that may be earned during the course of playing the game.

Scars Above – Trophies/Achievements:

Here’s the list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them:

Trophy/Achievement Name Description
Construction Work VERA assembled.
Beyond the Horizon Discovered the Metahedron vista.
He Ruined Us Weathered the mysterious storm.
The Body Must Be Cleansed Investigated the area around Richard’s backpack and figured out where he went.
Blades of Grass Reached the Grassy Plains.
Fallen Deity Found the crashed remains of the Hermes.
Lost Scientist Found Mr. Jefferson.
The Code of Life Learned of the mysterious code hidden in genes.
Control Variable Learned of Kate’s special status.
I Just Wanted You to See Her Discovered Naya’s fate.
We Are SCARs Completed the game.
Pillars of the Earth Activated your first pillar.
Pillars Everywhere Activated 5 pillars.
Worlds Without End Activated all pillars.
Ready and Able Unlocked the first ability.
Peak Potential Unlocked a tier 4 ability.
Masterclass Unlocked all abilities.
Aristotle’s Apprentice Scanned first natural resource.
Master Scientist Scanned all available unique natural resources.
Darwin’s Theory Scanned the first hostile creature.
Scientific Collection Scanned all hostile creatures.
Putting Together the Initial Pieces Solved the Alien Console puzzle.
A Healthy Mind Solved all puzzles.
Knowledge is Power Scanned a Knowledge Cube.
Destructive Tool Printing Used the Mobile Printing Unit to craft the Thermic Charger.
Destructive Tool Collection Crafted all weapons.
Tinkerer Crafted a weapon upgrade.
Applied Science Crafted a weapon upgrade for all weapons.
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome Crafted the first gadget.
Science Wins Crafted all gadgets.
Survivor Crafted the first consumable.
Master Survivor Crafted all consumables.
Alpha Defeated the Alpha.
Fear Keeps You Sharp Discovered Robinsons’ transformation into the Alluvial King and had to kill him.
Deconstructed Defeated the Construct.
Flesh and Bones Defeated the Feliform Cadaver.
Face the Nightmare Defeated the Neuro-parasite.
Omega Defeated the Omega and the Custodian.
CAUTION: Flammable Ignited multiple enemies with a single Flammable Liquid charge.
Trapped Kept an enemy within the Gravity Trap for its whole duration.
Final Destination Used the shield to deflect incoming damage that would have killed you.
Baited Killed an enemy while it was affected by the Holo-lure.
Shattered Killed an enemy while it was in the frozen state.
Newton’s Third Law Caused an elemental reaction.
Real-time Analysis Used the pulse scan to reveal an enemy’s weak point.

Scars Above is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & and PC.

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