Blade of Darkness | Trophy Guide | How To Unlock All Trophies/Achievements?

Blade of Darkness is a thrilling third-person fantasy hack-and-slash adventure set in The Central Kingdoms.

As you go through the game, you’ll encounter a variety of horrible enemies, including orcs, animals, and other abominations. To get the most out of the game, you’ll need to complete a variety of objectives, each of which will provide its own set of challenges. To accomplish these objectives, you must complete missions, each with its unique narrative and surroundings.

When you complete the game’s activities, you may collect a variety of medals and achievements. These medals and achievements are both a test of your gaming abilities and a reward for your efforts.

By playing the game, you may earn a total of 53 trophies/achievements. We’ve put up a guide here to help you earn every trophy and achievement in Blade of Darkness.

Blade of Darkness – Trophies/Achievements:

Here’s the list of all the trophies/achievements and how to unlock them:

Achievement/TrophiesHow To Unlock
Basic SwingsComplete a basic controls tutorial
First BloodKill the first enemy
KashgarComplete Kashgar, Tukaram’s story level
Kazel ZalamComplete Kazel Zalam, Naglfar’s story level
MarakamdaComplete Marakamda, Zoe’s story level
TabrizComplete Tabriz’s story level
Fortress of Tel-HalafComplete Fortress of Tel-Halaf level
Mines of KelbegenComplete Mines of Kelbegen level
Tombs of EphyraComplete Tombs of Ephyra level
Island of KarumComplete Island of Karum level
Shalatuwar FortressComplete Shalatuwar Fortress level
The Gorge of OrlokComplete The Gorge of Orlok level
Fortress of NemrutComplete Fortress of Nemrut level
The Oasis of NejebComplete The Oasis of Nejeb level
Temple of Al FarumComplete Temple of Al Farum level
Forge of XshathraComplete Forge of Xshathra level
The Temple of IannaComplete The Temple of Ianna level
Tower of Dal GurakComplete Tower of Dal Gurak level
Dead endChoose not to destroy the evil completely
AbyssComplete Abyss level
Bright futureChoose to go to the Abyss and destroy the evil
Defeat the Troll at Kazel ZalamKill the Troll of Kazel Zalam
Chaos Knight encounterSurvive the first encounter with Chaos Knight for Sargon
Defeat RagnarKill the knight at Tabriz
Defeat the demonKill the demon at Marakamda
Defeat The Troll of KelbegenKill The Troll of Kelbegen
Defeat the burning skeletonKill the burning skeleton
Defeat the stone golemKill the stone golem
Vampire – round oneDefeat the vampire for the first time
Carnage at ShalatuwarKill Orc cheaftan, his minions and minotaur
Defeat the Guardian of BirrKill Guardian of Birr
Vampire round twoDefeat the vampire for the second time
Defeat 2 stone golemsKill 2 stone golems
Kill lava golem, Guardian of Uri-SabrigKill lava golem, Guardian of Uri-Sabrig
SurvivorSurvive an encounter with Chaos Knight
Defeat MeskalamdugKill Meskalamdug
Defeat Dal GurakKill Dal Gurak
Kill the iron golems in the AbyssKill the iron golems in the Abyss
Defeat lava golem in the AbyssKill lava golem in the Abyss
Defeat the vampire in the AbyssKill the vampire in the Abyss
Defeat the Chaos Knight in the AbyssKill Chaos Knight in the Abyss
Defeat Meskalamdug in the AbyssKill Meskalamdug in the Abyss
Defeat the Lord of Darkness in the AbyssKill the Lord of Darkness in the Abyss
Express DarknessComplete the game in one run, in 8 hours or less without using saves a single time
You are awesome!Complete the game with the saves rating ‘AWESOME!’
A heroic deedComplete the game with the saves rating ‘HEROIC’
That’s boldComplete the game with the saves rating ‘BOLD’
Normal runComplete the game with the saves rating ‘NORMAL’
Tukaram, the barbarianComplete the game as Tukaram a barbarian
Sargon, the knightComplete the game as Sargon,
Nagfar, the dwarfComplete the game as Naglfar, a dwarf
Zoe, the amazonComplete the game as Zoe, an amazon
Lend a handKill an enemy with a limb

Blade of Darkness is now available on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.

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