New Fire Emblem Screenshots and Details Leaked, Fire Emblem 4 Remake Also Rumored

Nintendo is reportedly working on a brand new Fire Emblem game that has been leaked in the form of screenshots and some other details.

The screenshots for this new game were shared by a user on Reddit who also had some information to reveal about this entry in the popular series. The user clarified that the screenshots that have been shared here are old. They appear to be from a Chinese localization of the game.

Fire Emblem Leak Pics

In the screenshot, we can see a protagonist with colored hair in addition to various characters. There is also a screenshot where they are having a conversation.

This follows an earlier leak from Emily Rogers who suggested that Nintendo will release a new mainline Fire Emblem game next.

  • Upcoming Fire Emblem is a new game, not a remake. Brand new story.
  • Collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo and Gust (division of Koei Tecmo Holdings).
  • Gust heavily assisted with the visuals / graphics. Graphics are an improvement over “Three Houses”.
  • Originally intended as an anniversary game to celebrate FE’s 30th anniversary. The game has been finished for over a year.
  • Main character (main lord) has strange red and blue hair. His mother is a dragon.
  • New “Emblems” gimmick allows players to summon “FE characters from the past” for your squad.

The user who has shared these screenshots has also suggested that a remake of Fire Emblem 4 is in development. Nintendo has supposedly used some of the elements from the scrapped Fire Emblem Wii game as well.