Kena: Bridge of Spirits Has Already Recovered Its Development Costs

Ember Lab’s first project was Kena: Bridge of Spirit. After recouping the expenditures for Kena, they are already working on their next game.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, PS4, and PS5. It was a fresh new IP that combined Zelda style with lovely Disney graphics.

The game looks to have done well enough for Ember Lab to recoup the whole production cost. According to a new report, they were pleasantly surprised by how well it sold.

While their next game is still in the planning stages, and they are unsure what they want to achieve with it, they intend to make it another narrative-driven game in the vein of Kena.

Ember Lab developed and released Kena: Bridge of Spirits for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.


  1. “The Griers wouldn’t say exactly how many copies of Kena they’ve sold, but they said they’ve recouped the game’s initial costs and have been pleasantly surprised with sales so far. “It’s hard to tell what’s a huge success,” said Josh. “Sony’s happy.””

    Ah, so it sold miserably on Epic, as usual.

    1. It doesn’t mean that at all. If you read the source article, from Bloomberg, you will notice the entire article is focusing around the Playstation 5 and the developers getting a trailer for sony’s show which the pandemic caused issue for that.

  2. It should have since Epic paid for us. I like most people pirated this as I cannot support Epic’s anti-consumer exclusivity BS.

    Epic, make piracy great again.

  3. Sold well on Playstation… took a bribe from Epic… They recovered development costs but nobody on PC even knows that the game exists. It would’ve been an even bigger success if they didn’t take an unnecessary bribe from Timmy Tencent and then botch review copy distribution and NDA requirements.

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