Here Are The Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In July 2022

Microsoft has updated the list of games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass soon in July 2022. Here’s the complete list of games.

This list is usually updated at the start of every month, and a second update arrives around the middle of the month. For July 2022, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have to keep in mind the following games as they will be soon removed from the service.

  • Children of Morta (Xbox, PC)
  • Cris Tales (Xbox, PC)
  • Atomicrops (Xbox, PC)
  • Lethal League Blaze (Xbox, PC)
  • Carrion (Xbox, PC)

These games will be removed from the service by July 15, so you have exactly 2 weeks to play through them. If we had to make a suggestion, Cris Tales, Carrion, and Children of Morta are all pretty good indie games that are worth a try before they are removed from the service.

Carrion is a Metroidvania where you play as a monster, think something like Venom or Carnage. In Cris Tales, you have a time-traveling adventure through a JRPG.

While these games will be removed soon, do keep in mind that more will be added later in the month. There are plenty of exciting games coming to Game Pass in the coming days so keep an eye out for updates on the subscription.