Dead Island 2 Screenshots, Release Date and Details Leaked On Amazon

It appears that we might have our first look at Dead Island 2 soon as the pre-order for the game has gone live for various platforms on Amazon.

Dead Island 2 was announced all the way back at E3 2014 so it has been a long time since we have seen an update from the game. The pre-order for the game appears to showcase the box art and new set of screenshots as well as other details.

  • Dead Island 2 takes players across the most iconic locations of the City of Angels, now stained with horror, in an exciting pulp journey from the verdant suburbia of Beverly Hills to the quirky promenade of Venice Beach
  • Combat delivers the most intense, visceral and gory first person experience possible, with plenty of weapons and tactical (and brutal) options to chew your way through the zombie horde
  • There are 6 characters to choose from, each with their own unique personality and dialogues – You can fully customize the abilities of each Slayer, with our brand-new skill system allowing you to re-spec instantly and try out the craziest builds.
  • Our LA is crawling with zombies that look & react realistically – These mutated wretches are the reanimated, rotten heart of Dead Island 2 with dozens of distinct zombie types, each with their own mutations, attacks & hundreds of LA-themed variants
  • Day 1 Edition includes the Memories of Banoi Pack – Banoi War Club, Memories of Banoi Baseball Bat, Weapon Perk – balanced, Personal space skill card

Here is a look at the screenshots and boxart for the game.

Here’s some information on the story.

A deadly virus is spreading across Los Angeles, California, turning its inhabitants into ravenous zombies. The city is in quarantine and the military have retreated. Bitten, infected, but more than just immune, you learn to harness the zombie inside. Only you, and the handful of other swaggering fellows who happen to be resistant to the pathogen, holds the future of LA (and humanity), in the balance. As you uncover the truth behind the outbreak you’ll discover who – or what – you are. Survive, evolve, save the world – just another day in LA! The much-loved zombie saga is back with a unique formula of horror, dark humor and over the top zombie-slaying, spanning an epic pulp adventure. Dead Island 2 is a thrilling First-Person Action RPG that takes players across a brand-new playground. Stylish, vibrant and flooded with zombie infection, explore iconic, gore-drenched Los Angeles. Meet larger-than-life characters. Slay countless foes in exquisitely bloody detail. And evolve to become the ultimate Zombie Slayer. See you in HELL-A!

The game will launch on February 3, 2023, according to the listing on Amazon. It is supposedly getting an announcement during Gamescom.


  1. LMFAO if that is what its going to look like lol just throw it in the trash and let it be.

  2. It looks no different than the 1st one and that one is boring. The cinematic trailers were better than the entire game. DI was built on a lie. I wish the game was even remotely close to the trailers we got, but nah…

  3. I had the luck to download the 2017 Leak a few years ago.
    That was alright, if you ignore the unfinished UI and other elements.
    Hope that this one will have a bunch of stuff from that still in it.

  4. Took then time, but im actually curious about the game.

    Loved DI1 and Riptide, and loved it’s spiritual sequel DL (It is on my top 10 games of all time), but felt like DL2 was such a letdown. Just hope that DI2 will not follow the pattern and be better.

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