Colt’s Voice Actor Teases “New Title” Related To Deathloop

Colt’s Voice Actor in Deathloop has teased a new title in development which possibly hints at a new game or expansion.

Deathloop has proven to be quite a success for Arkane Lyon. It has won some game of the year awards and did well enough owning to an exclusive partnership with Sony. The success of the IP might have paved the way for more entries in the series as hinted by Jason Kelley.

Jason Kelly voiced the character of Colt, who is the protagonist of Deathloop. He shared a tweet with him sitting in a voice booth with the tease saying “can’t wait to share this one.”

When a fan pressed him to share some details and whether it is some DLC for Deathloop, he said that it was a “new title” and that’s all he can reveal since he is bound by NDA.

Bethesda is known to release standalone expansions in the past. They have done it with Wolfenstein and Dishonored. Deathloop could be another one of these games that could get a standalone expansion thus it can be termed a new title. Or a sequel may have already been greenlit.

Deathloop was recently updated with AMD FSR 2.0 so it is still being supported by Arkane despite launching last September. It was a timed PS5 exclusive that will be available on Xbox Series once this exclusivity period expires after 1 year.