Evil Dead: The Game | What Are The Max Levels?

In Evil Dead: The Game, there are various ways that players can use to level up. Here are the Max Levels in Evil Dead: The Game.

Players can level up through various methods in the game, some of these methods are transitory and occur during a match such as threat level and fear level. The other methods are permanent and appear in the meta game. There are three most significant levels and all of them are permanent, meta-game levels: Survivor level, demon level, and user level. So here in this guide, we will tell you what are the Max levels in Evil Dead: TG.

Evil Dead: The Game – Max Levels:

Here are the max levels in the game:


  • The maximum survivor level is 25. You will receive Spirit Points and Character XP when you play as any survivor.
  • Character XP will be added to the current survivor’s level automatically, however, Spirit Points can be spent to level up any Survivor by visiting the collection page.
  • So if you want to max out a certain survivor’s level, always play as a survivor, and remember to go to the collection page after each round to spend all the spirit points on that character.
  • You will unlock the Hail to the King, Baby trophy/achievement after you reach the max survivor level.


  • The maximum demon level is 45 in the game.
  • But several players have been receiving the We Shall Be Again trophy/achievement despite not reaching level 45 with a demon due to Glitch.
  • You can level up demon similarly to a survivor by collecting character XP when playing as that demon and using spirit points obtained while playing as any character.