Salt And Sacrifice | Trophy Guide | How To Unlock All Trophies?

The Salt and Sacrifice game has been released for PC, PS4, and PS5. Here’s how to unlock all the trophies in Salt and Sacrifice.

SAS developed and published by Ska Studios is a 2D action role-playing game that was released on May 10, 2022. It was inspired by the Souls series of games same as its predecessors. There are five different zones in it instead of one single area. There are a total of 54 trophies that players can unlock in the game and here’s the list of all of them.

Salt And Sacrifice – Trophies:

Here’s the list of all the trophies and how to unlock them:

Trophies/Achievements How To Unlock?
Devoured Devour your foes, embody the Inquisition, and achieve all possible trophies.
The Wastes Uncover the pilgrim’s path to the lost city of Bol-Gerahn.
The Swamp Learn the runes leading to the reeking swamps of Corvius’ Mire.
The Mountain Raise your luminstone and find a path to the bitter wastes of Dreadstone Peak.
The Copse Rejoin the lost runes leading to the forbidden Elder Copse
Well-Stocked Help Verdantvoice Trista craft every possible potion, salve, and decoction in the Inquisition’s arsenal.
Top Shelf Upgrade all potions, salves, and decoctions to their maximum level.
Waste Not Employ Warpsmith Zakiel to craft a piece of Inquisitor’s gear from the husk of a defeated Mage.
Stock Up Help Verdantvoice Trista to craft your first potion, salve, or decoction.
Want Not Employ Warpsmith Zakiel to enhance a piece of Inquisitor’s gear to its maximum level.
Make The Climb Climb the tree; the gods’ rage must be endured.
Take Your Place Devour the tree; the tyranny must end.
Blueheart Runners Seek out profit and capital from Hazeburnt Husks by joining the Blueheart Runners.
Chaos Hunger Wreak havoc throughout the realm by joining the Chaos Hunger.
Dawnlight Order Aid your fellow Inquisitors in the hunt by joining the Dawnlight Order.
Oathbound Watchers Protect Inquisitors marked for death by joining the Oathbound Watchers
Sheriff Inquisitors Prevent powerful Hazeburnt magic from falling into the wrong hands by joining the Sheriff Inquisitors.
Shroud Alliance Impede the march of the Inquisition by joining the Shroud Alliance.
The Nomad Help fellow Inquisitor reach their full potential.
The King Complete your royal quest and gain a glimpse of your true nature.
The Scholar Witness the ascension of a true scholar.
The Soldier See a weary soldier back to Pardoner’s Vale.
The Dragon Slay Kraeaxenar, guardian of the Elder Tree.
The Champion Slay Uryks Necklace-of-Ears, bane of the Inquisition
The Firelord Slay Marega Gredanya, the child-devourer of Foulmurk Marsh.
The Hag Slay Marega Gredanya, the child-devourer of Foulmurk Marsh.
The Huntsman Slay the Green Huntsman, guardian of the deep wilds.
The Sacrifice Slay the Undone Sacrifice, one of the two who embarked.
The Exalted Slay the Tireless Exalted, guardian of Bol-Gerahn and those who sleep within.
The Matriarch Slay the Hate-Cursed Matriarch, whose vile rule set Bol-Gerahn on an unstoppable march toward destruction
The Skylord Slay the Icon of Pandemonium, champion of air and all that lives above.
The Treeheart Slay the Sapblood Heart, filled with the malice and memories of those lost to time.
The Two Monks Slay the Two That Remain, who bid their fellow pilgrims farewell in the name of the Eleven.
The Aeromancer Devour Aur Cyrus.
The Bibliomancer Devour Logostus Rime
The Chronomancer Devour Zaruman Tam.
The Corpumancer Devour Ghor Lorhotha.
The Cryomancer Devour Celus Zend.
The Diablomancer Devour Nephael Mos.
The Dracomancer Devour Draeaxenerion
The Electromancer Devour Ekriks Graycloud.
The Fungalmancer Devour Por Myec
The Hydromancer Devour Kundry Kahn.
The Kinetomancer Devour Parxa Krass.
The Luminimancer Devour Luxian Steel-Glass
The Mechanomancer Devour Anamus Kane.
The Necromancer Devour Nix Ocifiris.
The Neuromancer Devour Zyzak Zuun
The Pyromancer Devour Arzhan-Tin
The Sanguimancer Devour Ture Vasari.
The Terramancer Devour Sto’h Karrig
The Thaumamancer Devour Padra Sakrev
The Umbramancer Devour Vodin Tenebre
The Venomancer Devour Varren Ovrin