Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | A New Signature Food Quest Guide!

Embark on the side adventure “A New Signature Food” in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

This quest is intertwined with Hateno Village’s mayoral election drama, offering an exciting questline to explore. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to initiate and complete the “A New Signature Food” quest, which involves finding Reede and assisting Koyin in setting up a cheese shop. Discover the secrets of Hateno Village’s cheese history and enjoy the rewarding outcome of this culinary adventure.

A New Signature Food Quest in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom:

Step 1: How to Start the “A New Signature Food” Quest Once the argument between Cece and Reede concludes at Cece’s shop, head over to Reede’s house, located on a hill within Hateno Village. Speak to Reede to initiate the quest. Reede aims to reinvigorate the town by creating a new signature food, but he needs help remembering who his grandfather collaborated with in the cheese-making process.

Step 2: Find Koyin To uncover Hateno Village’s cheese history, you must locate Koyin, whose grandfather played a significant role in cheese production. Koyin can be found on a dock outside Hateno Town, situated at the southernmost tip of Lake Sumac. Approach Koyin and trigger the “A Letter to Koyin” quest.

Step 3: Solve the “A Letter to Koyin” Puzzle Direct your attention straight out from the dock at Lake Sumac, where you will spot a bottle floating in the water. This bottle holds the key to uncovering the cheese’s secret. Since the bottle is too far to reach with Ultrahand, you need to extend the dock. Gather logs by cutting down trees and locate two wooden planks leaning against the house nearby. Utilize Ultrahand to create a path leading to the bottle, allowing you to grab it and place it near Koyin.

Step 4: Return to Koyin and Reede Engage in another conversation with Koyin after she reads the letter. She will then head inside her house, located beside the lake. Follow her and continue the dialogue. Koyin will offer you a sample of the cheese and open her larger shop. You can either trade milk for more cheese or purchase it outright. If you desire your own cheese, acquire one through trade or purchase as the other cheese is intended for Reede.

Step 5: Head back to Reede Return to Reede’s house and speak to him once again. Reede will detect the aroma of cheese. Hand over the cheese to him to complete the “A New Signature Food” questline.

A New Signature Food Reward: For successfully completing the side adventure, Reede will reward you with a Silver Rupee. This valuable item is worth 100 regular rupees, providing a substantial boost to your currency in Tears of the Kingdom.

Enjoy the culinary delights of Hateno Village as you participate in the “A New Signature Food” quest. Discover the rich cheese history of the village, assist Koyin in her endeavors, and aid Reede in his mayoral campaign. The Silver Rupee reward will be a testament to your achievements in this delectable side adventure.

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