Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What is Noah’s Best Class & Build

If you are wondering what could be the best Class and Build for Noah then you come to the right place. Check below for a full guide on Noah.

There are a total of 6 protagonists that you can use in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from the beginning and Noah is one of them. Noah is a good Sword user and the best attacker. With his abilities, you can take a lot of advantages mostly at the early stage of the game. Best still if you know what class and build is best for Noah then you can take more advantage of this character. So here is the full guide on What is Noah’s Best Class & Build.

What is Noah’s Best Class:

Here is the list of best-recommended classes for Noah:

Class Details
  • Get more critical hits
  • Increase in Firepower
  • Best stability
Martial Artist Stability to increase Arts combos
  • Ability to increase firepower during a boss fight
  • Get to Rank 20 just from progressing the story

What is Noah’s Best Build:

Here is the list of best Builds for Noah:

Class Incursor
Arts X: Glitter Stream

Y: Aerial Slash

B: Reversal Edge

Master Arts X: Tyrant Cross

Y: Ground Beat

B: Cross Impact

Master Skills Offensive Flair

Critical Strike

Greatest Warrior

Gems Combo Enhance

Analyze Weakness

Steelcleaver or Steady Striker

Accessories Saturni Rings

Mercurii Rings