Digimon Survive: How You Can Save Ryo?

Many characters die in Digimon Survive and if you want to save Ryo then this guide has all step-by-step answers to your questions.

Digimon Survive is a Novel based RPG game. You will have many different choices in the game to choose from and with each decision, you will make decide your fate. Not just Ryo there are other characters who die in Digimon Survive. So you have to make better choices so you can save them. Ryo dies a very sad death in the game. He sees his mother calling him and when he went towards there that a black shadow grabs Ro and kills him. If you want to save Ryo from that horrible death then check below for the full guide.

How You Can Save Ryo in Digimon Survive:

Here is how you can save Ryo:

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is that in your first gameplay you can save Ryo or anyone.
  • But when you finished your 1 gameplay there will be a new mode open called New Game+.
  • If you want to save Ryo you need to play the game again and get a lot of Affinity points.
  • You can collect more Affinity points by talking to Ryo and always save the game so if you make any wrong decision you can turn back.
  • One of the few answers to increase Affinity are:
    • You need to agree with Ryo on everything rather than Aoi and Minoru.
    • During the free auction answers with “ Phones don’t work.
    • During the free auction answers with “ He’s not wrong.
  • Now you will see a new option when Ryo is getting by shadow about helping and you can save him.