Tower of Fantasy | List of All The Currencies & How To Farm Them?

If you are looking for a full currency guide in Tower of Fantasy then you come to the right place.

The universe of the Tower of Fantasy may be explored in its entirety at any time. The player has access to a broad array of different goods to choose from while playing the game. You’ll have access to a diverse assortment of currencies to choose from. These numerous forms of currency serve a variety of purposes, and you will need to acquire them all. The ability to quickly harvest or acquire big quantities of these currencies is something that many players hope they could figure out. As a result, this guide will assist you in locating the many spots in Tower of Fantasy that contain cash.

TOF –  List of All Currencies:

Here is the list of all the currencies and how you can find them in Tower of Fantasy:

GoldYou may get this by completing missions or finding it in one of the many chests scattered across the world.
Black GoldYou may be able to locate these funds on special occasions.
Flame GoldThis type of money can only be obtained via very specific means. At the end of the day, it will be worth more than its weight in e.
Black NucleusWhen looking for anything in the outside world, Tar Pit is an excellent location to look.
Red Nucleus The only place you can get it is in stores.
Gold Nucleus This may be discovered via free exploration or won through the completion of missions.
Dark CrystalsYou may earn them as prizes for completing tasks, or you can find them in chests across the world.
TaniumBecause this is a store-bought item, you should be financially prepared to make the purchase.
Achievement Points Your achievement of certain objectives is required in order for you to be eligible for this compensation.
Training PointsIf you are able to successfully complete the tasks at each of the training stations, you may get this.
Amusement ParkTo get this, pay a visit to the museum park and take part in a number of the activities that are available.
Base ChipsYou will get this amount of money in addition to whatever more you may earn by using matrices to improve your arsenal.