Genshin Impact | Best Heizou Build Guide

If you are looking for the best build for Heizou in Genshin Impact then you came to the right place. We will also talk about the best weapon for Heizou.

In GI, Heizou is a melee catalyst user who is playable as one of the various characters in the game. As a part of GI’s 2.8 update, it was made available to the gaming community, and gamers may still get their hands on it today. Before committing to obtaining this character, however, there are some players who desire more information on the best possible build for them in Genshin Impact. We really hope that this page has provided you with all the information you want on the Best Heizou Build. Continue reading to get all of the information.

Genshin Impact Best Heizou Build

Here is the best build for Heizou:

WeaponSolar Pearl
ArtifactViridescent Venerer (four-piece)

Best Genshin Impact Heizou weapon

Solar PearlA powerful weapon with a rating of four stars that may improve your strikes via the use of elemental abilities and burst. Up to 24%, greater elemental enhancement is possible. The possibility of activating “Favour of the Clouds” is around fifty percent at this point.
Skyward Atlas●     Increases elemental boost up to 24%

●     50% chance of triggering ‘Favour of the Clouds’

These are the weapons best suited for Heizou in most of the battles.

Best Genshin Impact Heizou artifacts

Viridescent Venerer (four-piece)● When you have two pieces of Anemo, the damage that it does to enemies is increased by 15%.

  • If you equip these four items, your Swirl will do 60% more damage, while the resistance of your opponents will diminish by 40%.
Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (four-piece)When you have four of these pieces equipped, your charged and plunging attacks will do twice as much damage.