Cult of The Lamb | How To Heal & Increase Hearts?

If you have a chance to heal yourself or to get more hearts why wouldn’t you take it? Check the full guide below for how you can heal yourself and increase your heart in Cult of the Lamb.

It’s no secret that Cult of the Lamb is quickly becoming a favorite among gamers because of its unique blend of exciting action and exciting adventure. The protagonist of this game is a lamb that was saved by an anonymous hero. Now, Lamb must establish a new religious movement. You should also increase the size of your cult’s adherent base. You will face some very terrifying enemies as you fight to protect your cult. To prevent them from leaving your cult, you must also keep your members happy. Given that the game’s complexity increases, later on, this healing, together with a few more hearts, might prove to be really valuable. In order to heal and get more hearts in Cult of the Lamb, read this article.

How to Heal in Cult of the lamb?

This is how you can heal in Cult of the Lamb:

  • You may find various treasure boxes in dungeons.
  • These chests may be found in each chamber you clear.
  • Your condition may be remedied by taking either a partial heart from one chest or a whole heart from the other.
  • Vampiric weapons may be used to heal the user.
  • You can get your blood pumping again after using Vampiric weapons to kill your enemies.
  • The use of healing pools is the very last resort for getting well.
  • Locate the healing pool indicated by a heart shape.

How to Increase Your Hearts in Cult of the lamb?

This is how you can increase your hearts in Cult of the Lamb:

  • It is not feasible to raise your maximal heart rate while participating in Cult of the Lamb.
  • However, you have a chance of getting some fleeting hearts.
  • It is possible to get more hearts by using tarot cards that may be found deep inside the dungeons.
  • You get more bravery as a result of playing the cards.
  • The Hearts I, which represents a quarter of a heart, The Hearts II, which represents a whole heart, and The Hearts III, which represents an entire heart (two hearts).
  • You have the opportunity to acquire a one-of-a-kind Hearts III card at the healing pool if that is something that you are interested in doing.
  • Because you may utilize the Crown upgrade to earn Blue Heart anytime you eat, it is an excellent choice for players who often find themselves in need of food.
  • If you preach to the people in your church, you will acquire an additional heart for life.