Tower Of Fantasy | ‎‎Where To Find Vermin Brothers | List of All Locations

With the help of this guide, you should be able to track down each individual member of the Vermin Brothers.

Vermin Brothers are a kind of opponent that may be found everywhere, either as a member of an enemy’s camp or out in the wild on their own. They are sometimes referred to as the “Vermin Brothers.” After you have vanquished them, there is a 95% chance that the treasure you acquire will be beneficial to the environment in some way. The probability of uncovering a treasure of a purple hue is 4.5 percent, whilst the probability of uncovering vehicle loot is 0.5 percent. Fight them until you get the Maglev Stalker, a unique item in the game that has a probability of fewer than one percent of landing in your inventory. You won’t have any trouble finding the Vermin Brothers if you follow our helpful instructions.

Tower of Fantasy Vermin Brothers Locations

1: Gamma Mouse Squeak:

  • Gamma Mouse Squeak was discovered in the Rats Den Squeaky, which is the first known location to host a Vermin Sibling and is also the name of this location. If you are coming from the Huge Arena, travel in the southeast direction, and if you are coming from the Southern Ring, head in the east direction. Both of these directions will get you to the specified place. You should be able to reach your objective down below if you can prevail over a couple of the enemies that are close.

2: Delta Mouse Jed:

  • The second spot goes to Delta Mouse. Go to the Anchorville location, and after you’ve defeated the brother who was waiting for you on the ramp, make your way to the Rats Den: Jed area.

3: Alpha Mouse Mitch:

  • This is where Mitchell, the leader of the mice, was located when we arrived. You have to start off by traveling to Loen Dusk before you can go to this destination. You won’t only be fighting the vermin brother here since, just like previously, this location serves as a base of operations for the adversary.

4: Beta Mouse Ben:

  • Mouse No. 4, also known as Beta Ben, is wandering about aimlessly on the road that once served as the location of the signal station, which is located to the north of the ruins.