The Ascent Anabolic Express – Side Quest – How To Complete

There are several side quests in the Ascent. Many of them are difficult to complete, however, some of them are easy to complete. Anabolic Express is one of these side quests. In this guide, We will tell you how to complete the Anabolic Express side quest in The Ascent.

Anabolic Express Side Quest: How to Complete

You can easily get access to the Anabolic Express Side quest in The Ascent, and get a lot of Ucreds. This quest requires you to interact with Merlee to get the booster at the Node.  The quest’s description misleads by giving the wrong information. You won’t be able to complete this simple side quest due to a big hurdle. You will need to be on level to complete this side quest, however, the quest description tells you that it’s a level 2 task.

Start the quest simply to find the hurdle. When you start the quest, a marker will appear on the map that will take you to the right destination. You will reach an elevator by following the marker.  The elevator won’t work even after you open its door and get inside it because you will have to be on level 10 to make it work.

So it means that you will only be able to complete this quest after you reach level 10, so keep working and progress through the story until you reach level 10 and then come back to complete this quest.  After you reach level 10 use the elevator to go to the main hub area.

When you reach inside the Node, go to Arcology and then make your way to the “High Street Door.” After that keep following the marker on your map until you find Merlee at the west side of the Node Market Place.  Take the items from Merlee by interacting with him and then return to Atticus to complete this quest.

You will get 8,000 Ucreds and some experience as a reward for completing this side quest.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Anabolic Express side quest in The Ascent.