Genshin Impact Codes August 2021 – How to Redeem Codes

Genshin Impact is an RPG developed and published by miHoYo. It was released in September 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS, and in April 2021 for PlayStation 5. It’s one of the popular games right now, and players can purchase or unlock different items in-game by using in-game currencies like Mora and Primogems. Players can earn these currencies by taking part in events and various side quests. Redeem Codes can be used to get free Primogems, Mora, etc. In this guide, we will tell you Genshin Impact’s currently active codes.

Currently Active Genshin Impact Codes :

Genshin Impact codes are distributed through the game’s social media accounts, live streams, and other channels. Also, because most of these coupons are time-limited, so you must redeem them as soon as possible.

Here is the list of all the currently active Genshin Impact Codes:

GENSHINGIFT  x50 Primogems and x3 Hero’s Wit

Expired Genshin Impact’s Codes:

Here is the list of all the expired Genshin Impact’s Codes:

Codes Rewards
GenshinEpicx10000 Mora, x3 SquirrelFish, x3 Northern Apple Stew, x10 Adventurer Exp, and x5 Fine Ores
GenshinGalaxyx10000 Mora, x3 Hash Browns, x3 Northern Smoked Chicken, x10 Adventurer EXP, and x5 Fine Ores
GS6ACJ775KNVx60 Primogems and x10000 Mora
SBNBUK67M37Z x30 Primogems and x5 Adventurer’s EXP (only for new players)
LS6T4L9ZZ7THx100 Primogems, x50,000 Mora
GBNA9J5H9Y4H x100 Primogems, x10 Hero’s Wit
AS6BQKLY9GLDx100 Primogems, x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
ATPTUJPP53QHx100 Primogems and x50000 Mora
FS6SU367M279x100 Primogems and x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
ET7ADQFF8KJRx100 Primogems and x5 Hero’s Wit
ATPTUJPP53QHx100 Primogems and x50000 Mora
GENSHIN0928Ax60 Primogems and x10000 Mora
GENSHIN1006Sx30 Primogems, x5 Adventure XP
TT7BVJNPL249x60 Primogems
KTNSCQWW922Mx100 Primogems and x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
CBNXRD6S7H3N x100 Primogems and x50000 Mora

How to Redeem Codes in Genshin Impact:

We have mentioned below everything you need to know about how to redeem codes in Genshin Impact:

You must be at Adventure Rank 10 to redeem codes. After that copy the code and go to the Genshin Impact Code Redemption Official Website. Then log in to your Genshin Impact account, complete all the details and press the Redeem button. After that collect your reward from the in-game mail.

That’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Codes and how to redeem them.