Saints Row (2022) | List of All The Missions & Quests

Saints Row (2022) has been released worldwide on various platforms. Here’s the list of all the missions & quests currently available in SR.

Saints Row game series fans were eagerly waiting for this new Saints Row remake, and now they are wondering how many missions and quests are there in this remake. So here in this guide, we have made a list of all the missions and quests available right now in SR.

Saints Row – List of All The Missions & Quests:

Saints Row Threats and Side Hustles has additional side activities, Here’s the list of all main story missions of SR:

Main Story Missions:
Challenge Yourself
First F#@!ing Day
Morning Commute
Making Rent
Observe and Report
A Piece of the Action
The Peter Principle
Be Your Own Boss
Take Me To Church
Office Decor
Neenah’s Car
Idol Threat
The Forge
Aggressive Recruiting
The Frontier
Donut Run
Corporate Retreat
The Great Train Robbery
Going Overboard
Non-Compete Clause
Severance Package
After Party
High Noon
Drawing Heat
Body of Evidence
Good Cop/Bad Cop
Let’s Build A Skyscraper

There are many more missions in Santo Ileso, but these are the important ones. Each Illicit endeavor has long mission chains.

That’s all there is to know about all the missions & quests in Saints Row.