Rainbow Six Extraction | How To Kill A Sower?

In R6 Extraction’s San Francisco region, you will get a set of study missions known as Sower Mitigation. Here’s how to kill a Sower in Rainbow Six Extraction.

You will be asked to kill a Sower, and deal with their laid mines across the Sub-zone of their location. Killing a Sower is not a difficult job but it’s also not easy because they are a little bit difficult to kill as compared to other enemies like Grunts, and Spikers in R6 Extraction. So here in this guide, we will tell you how to kill a Sower and destroy their mines in R6 Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction – Sower:

First of all, the main thing you must know to kill a Sower is its weak points. Because you kill it easily by hitting its weak point. The belly of a Sower is its weak point but the problem is that it crawls around the area on all of its four legs, which doesn’t allow you to hit its weak point easily. However, you will get a chance to hit its weak point as they stand up straight when they Howl.

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete Sower Study Objective:

  • There are several Sower’s mines across the zone so you must look for red glowing lights to avoid them.
  • Destroy all the mines you find so that you won’t have to worry about them again.
  • Use other methods to kill them as their weak points can be targeted easily.
  • You can stun or blind a Sower with the help of REACT tech and then use a melee Takedown attack to kill it.
  • Set Claymores on the exact route you spot Sower’s mines as a Sower always takes the same route if they don’t get alerted.
  • Once you set Claymores shoot them all with a single shot to Kill the Sower.