How To Find Tormentors in Rainbow Six Extraction?

One of the study job in Alaska requires you to find the location of Tormentor. Here’s where you can find Tormentors in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Tormentors spawn mostly when you are playing R6 Extraction on high difficulty levels but you must find them to complete a study job which can be found in Alaska. You will have to progress enough through the game to unlock Alaska, however it will be unlocked eventually. In this guide, we will tell you how to find Tormentors in Rainbow 6 Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction – Tormentors Location:

You can find Tormentors in Alsaka easily because they spawn there while playing in low difficulty levels. You will get “Stun Still” study objectives from Alaska that is all about Tormentors.

We only know that it will spawn automatically and we don’t know when it will spawn, but one thing we know for sure is that if you play on higher difficulties the chances of their appearcences will be increased.

So we can’t tell you any specific location where you can go and find it because it spawn naturally. However once you locate a Tormentor, you will have to kill it or help others to kill a Tormentor it by Stunning it first o complete the “Stun Still” Study mission in Rainbow Six Extraction.